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Women's Fashion Watch Quartz Leather Band Casual Multi-Colored

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Gender:Women's,Women's; Movement Type:Quartz; Type:Fashion Watch; Display:Analog; Style:Casual; Case Material:Alloy; Dial Color:White; Band Material:Leather; Band Color:Rose,Purple; Net Weight(kg):0.09; Listing Date:04/20/2017; Front Page.:Watches; Packing List:1 x ...
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Tags: wristwatches, cheap wristwatches, women"s retro braided leather band flower beads bracelet quartz wrist watchs Buy in Amarillo, Nashua, Elmira, Barnstable, Portsmouth.

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Women's Fashion Watch Quartz Leather Band Casual Multi-Colored

Women's Fashion Watch Quartz Leather Band Casual Multi-Colored



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